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Oct 10 '11

gay love can pierce through the veil of death and save the day.

This is a gay old Supernatural post!

Firstly - belated news of a Wincest sighting - in of all places Dan Savages’ column. For the less bent amongst you Dan Savage is a gay columnist, probably now widely known for starting with his partner Terry the "It’s Get Better" project to combat suicide in young queer people.

He’s also best known for his column "Savage Love" - a snarky agony aunt column. Anyhoo - in a recent column, one letter started “I grew up masturbating in the digital age. So in any given week, I get off on “Wincest,” hypnosis porn, and erotic literature involving cat people. ….”

Seriously is there anyone left who doesn’t know about Wincest?

In other gay news, GLAAD published its Where We Are on TV list of queer lead and recurring characters on TV. And I noticed that Crowley was not amongst them! Was he not gay enough I wondered? He has had a decided lack of musical numbers I’ll admit, certainly preferring sadism over a soft shoe shuffle. But hell Roger the alien from American Dad made the list!!!

Anyway, he may not have been in enough episodes to count as recurring but I emailed GLAAD pleading Crowley’s case as a big old poof, and got a reply that said in part:

Usually for our research we get in touch with the networks and ask them to point out to us any LGBT regular or recurring characters. I’ll get in touch with The CW and if they confirm that Crowley is gay or bisexual and will be recurring this season, I’ll include him in the Where We Are on TV update when we publish it.

Hopefully they can find someone at the CW who watches the show. So watch this space!

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